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Solar Panel Cleaning Services from Dhanuj Enterprise

Solar panels are exposed to sunlight to produce electricity. However, if you live in an area with heavy particulates in the air, it’s a good idea to get your panels cleaned regularly. Dirty solar panels produce less electricity, which is why solar panel cleaning is an essential component of any solar maintenance program. Our maintenance team is available to clean the solar panel system on homes, businesses, or large ground mount systems. And as a part of the cleaning service, we perform a visual inspection of the solar array! This ensures that everything appears to be in good working order.

Our Work & Expertise

Solar panel cleaning is critical to maintaining solar system performance.

  • Panels are inspected and removed from any debris prior to cleaning.

  • Spray down all solar modules with water at minimal pressure. 

  • Water is conditioned through a water softener to minimize mineral deposits.

  • Use a soft bristle brush during heavy soil situations to free accumulated soil. They prevent microfractures or scratches on the solar panels.

The typical cleaning service includes the following:

  • Do not use chemicals or abrasive cleaning during the cleaning process.

  • Inspect the site for any hazardous conditions.

  • Cover all electrical equipment, (i.e. inverters and combiner boxes) with tarps prior to cleaning.

  • Use an aerial man lift, when required, to reach the solar modules.

Solar Preventative Maintenance Services

Solar Preventative Maintenance is the foundation of a complete solar operations and maintenance (O&M) program. Other than remote, electronic system performance monitoring and on-call reactive or emergency maintenance, an annual PM inspection is the most valuable and lowest cost ‘production insurance’ available to solar system owners and operators.

It's cheaper to prevent problems before they occur. The same thing is true when it comes to your solar energy system. It's been said that for every rupee spent on a Solar Preventative Maintenance Inspection (PM Inspection), owners can save up to ten thousand rupees in emergency repairs. That does not even include the value of any lost energy when the system is offline awaiting discovery and/or repairs!

Our Scope of Work

It’s true that solar electric systems, when compared to fossil fuel generators, are very low maintenance. In fact, most of our O&M clients only see us once per year at their annual PM inspection. That’s how we, and they, like it. Dhanuj Enterprise primary goal is to prevent the system from breaking in the first place rather than subjecting the owner to endless, expensive service calls and disruption.  We also make sure the system doesn't become unsafe in any way.

  • Module Cleaning - Cleaning modules, using clean fresh water with soft brush abrasion on problematic areas only.

  • Corrective Maintenance - Replacement of any system component that fails.

  • System Re-Commissioning and Optimization - Inspection of all outdoor combiner and junction boxes for water and debris.

  • Monthly and Annual Reporting - Report all O&M on a monthly basis.

  • Remote System Monitoring - Daily remote operation and performance monitoring by experienced technicians.

  • Warranty Administration - Coordinate warranty repairs with vendors, and alert the proper channels to ensure quick repair.

Solar Operations and Maintenance

Many of the cost-effective O&M considerations that impact cost and revenue relate directly to inverter and monitoring system selection. Solar operations and maintenance (O&M) services are technical services required to establish and maintain a specific performance level for a solar energy system. our solar operations and maintenance plan provide many benefits for both residential and commercial sectors. We are experts at maximizing the ROI for our systems and offer a complete suite of asset management and solar O&M services detailed below. 

Our Operations and Maintenance Offerings

We offer Solar Operations and Maintenance services for any situation to ensure that system up-time and energy production is optimized – thereby maximizing return on investment. Standard pricing depends on system size for a single story building with good roof access.

Annual Maintenance

  • Module Cleaning

  • System Checkup

  • Inverter Servicing

  • Wear & Tear Repairs

  • Monitoring Calibration

Troubleshoot & Repair

  • Repair inverter components

  • In-field electrical service

  • System removal & replacement

Monitor & Report

  • 24/7 Alert Response

  • Monthly production reports

  • Web-based portal access

  • Multiple levels of monitoring

  • Component monitoring

Dedicated O&M Team

  • Coverage across Gujarat

  • Dedicated NOC staffed 24/7

  • Warehouse of spare-parts inventory on-hand

Rising electricity costs and economic pressures have put even more importance on the effective management of energy assets. With any revenue-generating asset, solar owners should always be looking for ways to increase revenue while simultaneously decreasing costs. To that end, keeping your solar system at peak efficiency with solar maintenance is critical to ensuring maximum ROI. Dhanuj Enterprise provides solar service, solar maintenance, operations and maintenance, solar asset management, distributed energy asset management, battery backup, and off-grid O&M services. Below, please find our solar maintenance plan levels:

  • Dhanuj Enterprise Solar Protection Plan - This plan covers basic monitoring and discounted maintenance services as needed.

  • Residential O&M Plan - This plan includes everything in the Solar Protection Plan plus one cleaning and one inspection.

  • Solar Production Guarantee - Includes everything in the O&M Plan plus an output production guarantee.

Your choice will depend on the level of protection and operations and maintenance (O&M) you require. All service levels offer post-construction system inspections, annual preventative and manufacturer required maintenance, and remote system monitoring by our technicians.

Solar Remove-Reinstall Services from Dhanuj Enterprise

Installing solar panels on your home is one of the best investments you can make. The solar panels protect your roof from UV radiation while harvesting solar energy, and saving money. However, all roofs will need to be replaced at some point, leaving solar energy owners wondering what to do. Most roofers don’t know how to do a solar remove, re-roof and reinstall project, while solar contractors won’t touch another contractor’s installation. Solar Remove-Reinstall projects are too small and difficult to generate a response from many service providers. That’s where Dhanuj Enterprise comes in.

The Solar Remove-Reinstall process is straight forward

  • Dhanuj Enterprise uninstalls the solar panels, racking and roof attachments to make the roof ready for action.

  • We return to reinstall your system (including any additional upgrades) once the repairs to the roof are completed.

  • After the reinstallation is complete, we test and recommission your system to ensure it’s running right.

Solar Commissioning and Re-commissioning Services

Solar owners are always looking for ways to increase revenue while simultaneously decreasing costs. To that end, a properly maintained solar system is critical to ensuring maximum ROI. Solar Commissioning is part of the Field Acceptance Test process, ensuring that it is safe and built to code. Solar facilities are great investments, but only if properly maintained for performance and safety. Re-commissioning provides peace of mind you're getting maximum production. Re-commissioning is a fundamental part of Solar Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services, and the whole point of solar O&M is to increase energy production and decrease operational costs.

Benefits of Solar Commissioning & Recommissioning

Declining system performance can occur over time and commonly arise when a solar system undergoes a change in ownership. Re-commissioning provides a systematic approach to ensuring your system functions optimally. Here are key benefits of re-commissioning:

  • Extended equipment life.

  • Improved comfort levels.

  • Track system degradation.

  • Prevents the loss of energy.

  • Finding under-performing defects.

  • Fewer solar maintenance concerns.

  • Preventative maintenance is cheaper than emergency maintenance

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